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SJ Higgins Group: Brighton Grammar New Middle School
Brighton Grammar School
Construction of a new stand-alone Middle School building, an ICT rich environment with resources and specialist areas dispersed throughout the building.

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SJ Higgins Group: Wurundjeri Trade Training Centre
The Peninsula School VCE Centre
Construction of the Zammit Centre, a new purpose building to accommodate core learning spaces for Senior VCE students. View Project
SJ Higgins Group: Huntingtower School
Huntingtower School
Refurbishment and expansion of existing facilities to accommodate 300 students in a flexible, collaborative learning environment. The Performing Arts Centre (PAC) will supply up to 750 people with associated facilities.


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SJ Higgins Group: Aquinas College Stage 3 and 4, Ashmore
Aquinas College Ashmore
As part of Stage 3 and 4, this project involves demolition of existing buildings and lowering of existing ground levels by 1 metre. Construction works include a new 3-storey teaching block and a single storey workshop and staff room.

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SJ Higgins Group: Living Faith Lutheran Primary School Murrumba Downs
Living Faith Lutheran PS
Construction of a two-storey Administration Building for Living Faith Lutheran Primary School in Murrumba Downs.

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SJ Higgins Group: Keysborough Regenaration
Keysborogh Regeneration
Construction of four additional 5 Star Green Star school buildings including new junior learning neighbourhood facilities and science building.

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SJ Higgins Group: Mentone Grammar
Mentone Grammar School
New Creativity Centre with a 450 seat theatre, learning facilities for middle and senior students including purpose-designed visual arts studios.
SJ Higgins Group: St Joseph's Administration Building
St Joseph's College
Construction of a new administration building for the St Joseph's school in Ferntree Gully.
SJ Higgins Group: Caulfield Grammar Wheelers Hill Auditorium
Caulfield Grammar School
600 Seat auditorium/memorial hall built on an extremely tight site and within functioning school grounds.
SHiggins Group: Doveton Regeneration
Methodist Ladies College
Staged construction of the junior school including class rooms, music hall, library, staff facilities, art room, performance and assembly.
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SJ Higgins Group: Hartwell Primary School
Hartwell Primary School
Three phased staged refurbishment, demolition and construction of new school buildings in live primary school environment. View Project
SJ Higgins Group: Hawthorn West Primary School
Hawthorn West Primary School
Two-storey extension to the historic brick building including nine classrooms in a flexible, interconnected layout, and a large teaching external roof deck. The extension is connected to the main school building with a steel bridge at the first floor
SJ Higgins Group: Mount Ridley College Stage 2
Mount Ridley College Stage 2
Construction of three new buildings on a greenfield site including two learning centres, PE/gym and music building.
 Higgins Group: Catholic Theological College
Catholic Theological College
Restoration and construction of a new three storey reinforced concrete framed building comprising of a basement carpark. View Project
SJ Higgins Group: The Peninsula School
The Peninsula School
Performing Arts Centre Stage 1 - including musical tuition studios, performance space, dance / rehearsal studio, offices, classrooms, bio box and staff & student facilities
SJ Higgins Group: Doveton Regeneration
Doveton Regeneration Project
A new school and community hub providing facilities from early childhood and support services to adult education. View Project
SJ Higgins Group: St Scholastica's School
St Scholastica's School
Construction of new administration, learning areas, library and staff room.
SJ Higgins Group: Aquinas College
Aquinas College
Re-development of the existing two level VCE centre to a modern senior school
SJ Higgins Group: Catholic Ladies College Eltham
Catholic Ladies College
Construction of a music school and chapel/ recital hall within the one building. View Project
SJ Higgins Group: Westbourne Grammar School
Westbourne Grammar School
Refurbishment and extension of an existing school facility into a new Year 7/LOTE learning centre to include new classrooms and student amenities, staff areas, offices and multipurpose training rooms. View Project
SJ Higgins Group: Penola Catholic College
Penola Catholic College
Construction of the new Year 9 Learning Centre. The project is an upgrade to the learning environment to include open plan learning connecting indoor and outdoor environments.View Project
SJ Higgins Group: Mt Pleasant Road Primary School
Mt Pleasant Road Primary School
Construction of an Art & Café building, learning studios, staff/admin areas and a library gathering area. The Library gathering area is an open plan space with two store rooms, discussion room and a conference room.
SJ Higgins Group: Kimberley College Carbrook
Kimberley College Carbrook
Extension to existing school consisting of a Year 7 classroom project and Prep GLAs. View Project
SJ Higgins Group: St Macartan's Primary School
St Macartan's Primary School
Construction of a new primary school on a ‘green field’ site. The new school is comprised of five buildings which include junior school, middle school, senior school and chapel.View Project
SJ Higgins Group: Grace Lutheran College
Grace Lutheran College
3 Stage redevelopment project for Grace Lutheran College comprising construction of two classrooms including extension for new activity areas to infill an existing undercroft area.

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SJ Higgins Group: Waverley Christian College
Waverley Christian College
New two-storey science wing comprising two chemistry labs, two biology labs, a physics lab and a general science lab. The labs are fitted out with modern science education facilities, including the latest teaching technologies.
SJ Higgins Group: Marian College
Marian College
Construction of a new Design Warehouse facility, refurbishment of the remaining Design Education facility into a Food Technology facility, construction of a central Outdoor Food Court and demolition of the existing Canteen building.
SJ Higgins Group: Koo Wee RupSecondary College College
Koo Wee Rup Secondary College
Extension to existing Year 7 building, new Year 10-12 building and conversion of existing green house building to a Year 8 classroom.
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SJ Higgins Group: Montmorency Primary School
Montmorency Primary School
Construction of a new learning area with activity spaces and a new administration/ multipurpose building.
SJ Higgins Group: Manor Lakes P-12 School
Manor Lakes P-12 School
Construction of Stage1+2 of a new school complex. The first stage included 5 new buildings plus site infrastructure. Stage 2 consisted of new primary and special school classroom blocks and new performing arts and home economics complex.
SJ Higgins Group: Ivanhoe Grammar School
Ivanhoe Grammar School
Upgrade of the existing Locksley House into a contemporary dynamic facility for creative arts, music and drama.View Project
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